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3 Most Exclusive and Valuable Credit Cards

December 19, 2013 by  
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There’s nothing more annoying than losing your credit card. But losing one of the following 3 cards would be unimaginable.

Here is a list of the 3 most exclusive and valuable credit/charge cards in the world.

solid gold credit card

Sberbank Visa Infinite Exclusive Card

Country: Kazakhstan
Annual Fee: $2,000

The card itself is made of pure gold, 26 diamonds, and pearls. The cost to obtain the card is $100,000. $65,000 of which will go toward minting the card and the remaining $35,000 will be credited to your account.

The card does have some exclusive member benefits including access to VIP lounges at several airports, concierge service, discounts at hotels, restaurants, limo services, and more. But the best perk is that getting this card gives you life and health insurance worth over $250,000 – which you will probably need if anyone finds out you’re carrying a $65,000 credit card in your wallet.

Good looking out Sberbank-Kazakhstan!

—Some bad news, the card is only available to residents of Kazakhstan. – Darn!

credit card made with palladium

J.P. Morgan Palladium Card

Country: USA
Annual Fee: $595

Say hello to the JP Morgan Palladium Card.

The JP Morgan card is made out of palladium and 23k gold. Palladium’s current market value is hovering around $715 per oz, meaning there’s at least $1,000 worth of precious metal in the card itself.

Getting your hand on the card will be a little difficult, it is only offered to private banking clients of the JP Morgan Private Bank, Investment Bank, Treasury Services, or Commercial Bank. Meaning that you will have to let JP Morgan manage $25 million dollars of your money in order to get the card.

Benefits of the card include a 24 hour “Palladium” concierge, Chase Ultimate Rewards, access to over 600 airport lounges, first class upgrades, a free hour on a private jet, and 57 more pages of benefits too long to list. 

Then again, if you have $25 million to invest with JP Morgan, you can have your assistant email be and I’ll pass along the entire list of benefits.

Exclusive credit cards

Dubai First Royale Mastercard

Country: UAE (United Arab Emirates)
Annual Fee: 7,000 AED (about $1,900)

The Royale card is adorned with gold and diamonds. The card has been around for since 2008, originally given to the bank’s 100 wealthiest clients.

The card caters to oil tycoon and royalty alike with perks like no preset spending limit, low APR, and cash back as high as 4%. The card also gives you access to a “Dedicated Relationship Manager” and “Royale Lifestyle Management”, whatever those are.

Membership is by invitation only.

(Yes, I do realize that the name on the card in the picture is Ahmed Abdullah, it’s from the banks website and the UAE’s version of John Smith.)

Back to reality.

Most people will probably have to set their sights a little lower than these cards.

There’s nothing wrong with having a Capital One Venture card which has as many benefits as most of these other cards, a great points/miles program ad doesn’t charge an annual fee.

But, the caveat is that you still need to have good credit. The sad fact is that most Americans don’t qualify for a card like the Venture card because of their low credit scores.

These consumers are forced to use cards like the First Premier Bank credit cards which have high APRs, high annual fees, high penalty charges, low credit limits, and no benefits.

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