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Who is Allied Interstate Collection Agency

August 11, 2018 by  
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Allied Interstate Collection Agency

Who is Allied Interstate?
Allied Interstate is a third party collection agency which either purchases or services debt for companies and attempts to collect on the debt from consumers.

Founded in 1954 Allied Interstate, a subsidiary of iQor, Inc., which is privately owned by Huntsman Gay Global Capital, is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Allied Interstate’s parent company, iQor is an outsourcing company which provides businesses not only collection services but, also customer service and accounts receivable administration. The company operates about 40 call centers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Allied Interstate Contact Information
Main Phone: (800) 811-4214
Corporate Phone: (952) 546-6600

Mailing Address:
Allied Interstate
P.O. Box 361477
Columbus, OH 43236

Corporate Address:
Allied Interstate
435 Ford Road
Suite 800
Minneapolis, MN 55426

Allied Interstate Complaints?
There are many complaints about Allied Interstate’s business practices ranging from excessive calling to harassment.

In 2010, Allied Interstate was fined $1.75 million by the Federal Trade Commission for harassing debtors and trying to collect from the wrong people.

What do you do if Allied Interstate is reporting on your credit report?
To start, you need to take action right away and verify the information with the credit reporting agency, validate the debt with Allied Interstate, and contact the CFPB to verify the compliance of the collection agency.

Or, you could always hire a credit repair agency to take care of all of the paperwork on your behalf.

CreditFirm.net has helped thousands of their clients delete Allied Interstate collection accounts from their credit reports.

If you have been contacted by Allied Interstate or have an Allied Interstate collection account reporting on your credit report, let CreditFirm.net protect your rights and engage these companies on your behalf to improve your credit.


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