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Can I Repair My Own Credit?

September 5, 2013 by  
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Can I repair my own credit?
diy credit repair

Absolutely! The FCRA gives you the right to challenge any information in your credit report and puts the burden of proof squarely on the creditors, to prove that all of the account information is timely, 100% correct, and complete.

With enough study and research, you can repair your own credit reports and improve your credit scores. It is similar to your right to legally represent yourself in a court of law instead of hiring an attorney.

However, many consumers choose to hire CreditFirm.net to represent them during the credit repair process because of the level of knowledge and experience we bring to the table.

When choosing between repairing your own credit reports or hiring a professional credit repair company such as CreditFirm.net, consider the amount of time that will need to be invested in efficiently and effectively repairing your credit.

In our experience, most consumers simply do not have enough the time in their daily lives to devote to properly researching and performing the necessary steps required to effectively repair their credit.

In contrast, CreditFirm.net has over 15 years of experience and a trained staff of professional credit consultants with the knowledge and know-how to successfully repair your credit reports and improve your credit scores.

Hiring CreditFirm.net will give you the highest possible return on your investment of $49.99 per month, as our provent credit repair strategies will help you save time and money.

Since 1997, we have worked tirelessly to improve and refine our credit repair processes, in order to provide our clients with the best possible results in a timely manner.

Having said that, if a consumer has the desire to repair their own credit, we always encourage them to do just that, so long as they have the time and the knowledge to be successful.


Why Choose CreditFirm.net?

Assurance. Our Credit Repair process was developed by experienced attorneys.

Speed. Documents are typically processed and sent out for investigation within 5 days.

Support. Award winning customer service guarantees your satisfaction.

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