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What Makes Credit Firm Different?

November 19, 2013 by  
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So you’re looking to find a way of repairing your bad credit.

You’ve probably seen more than a few ads from credit repair companies and most likely even gone to quite a few of their websites. After a while, all of the credit repair services start to blend in and look alike.

They all say that they are the best, the fastest, and that they are true experts in improving bad credit scores.

But lets be honest, lets take away all of the self promotion, the marketing, and suddenly, all of the credit repair services are exactly the same.

Read on to find out what makes us different.

Here are 3 reasons to hire CreditFirm.net to fix your credit.

1. Comprehensive Credit Repair

We utilize every tool, tactic, and procedure the law gives us. Including credit bureau challenges, creditor intervention, debt validation, permissible purpose verification, procedural compliance verification, etc….

While most credit repair companies typically limit their services to nothing more than credit bureau challenges, we offer a full array of services to address ALL of your credit repair needs.

2. Frequency

Although most credit repair companies charge monthly fees, the frequency at which they correspond with the credit bureaus and creditors are typically limited to every 90 days.

CreditFirm.net engages the credit bureaus and creditors every 30-45 days (the maximum frequency allowed by the FCRA) to speed up the credit repair process for you and help you reach your financial goals 2-3 times faster than other companies.

3. Price

Our low monthly fee of $49.99 makes us the lowest priced credit repair service in the industry. You wont find another company which performs all of the work that we do, at the speed we work, at any price, let alone $49.99 a month.

We deliver the most comprehensive credit repair service, with the most frequent challenges, at the lowest price.

Short, sweet, and to the point.

Are you ready to find out the difference good credit makes?


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