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CreditFirm.net vs Lexington Law Review

June 13, 2013 by  
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lexington law reviews

How does CreditFirm.net’s credit repair service for $49.99 a month compare with Lexington Law’s Concord Premier  service for $99.95 a month?

Let’s go over the services and see how they stack up against each other.


Lexington Law


Credit Bureau Challenges


Good Will Intervention


Escalated Info Requests


Debt Validation


Permissible Purpose



Procedural Compliance



CFPB Violation Complaints


Debt Collector Intervention


Monthly Fee



Under the Lexington Concord Premier plan, you are only allotted 4-6 communications per month.

CreditFirm.net offers unlimited communications to credit bureaus, creditors, collection agencies, and 3rd party data furnishers.


Lexington Law


Monthly Communication Limit

4 – 6


Under the Lexington Law plan, 3 communications will most likely be directed to the credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) in the form of credit bureau challenges.

This means that you have 1-3 allotted communications  remaining to do the following:

  1. Debt Validation (1 per debt collector)
  2. Good Will Intervention (1 per creditor)
  3. Permissible Purpose Verification (1 per inquiry)
  4. Personal Info Variance Verification (1 per credit bureau)
  5. Escalated Info Request (1 per creditor)
  6. Procedural Compliance Verification (1 per credit bureau)
  7. CFPB Violation Complaint (1 per creditor, debt collector, or credit bureau)

We couldn’t possibly do our job if we were limited to such a small amount of communication.

This is why we do not place a limit on the amount of communications we can send out for each of our clients.

For Example:

If you have 5 collections, 6 inquiries, and 3 accounts with late payments, reporting on all the credit bureaus; the following process will need to occur.

  • 3 credit bureau challanges
  • 5 debt validations
  • 6 permissible purpose verifications
  • 3 good will interventions

That’s a total of 17 seperate communications which will need to occurr in order to correctly begin the credit repair process.

It would take Lexington Law 3 – 4 months at 4 to 6 communications per month to complete all of the initial work.

CreditFirm.net performs all necessary work the first month because it does not place any limits on the amount of communications they perform.

Credit Reports

Lexington Law also requires that you purchase a TransUnion credit report through them for $13.95.

CreditFirm.net does not require you to purchase a credit report.

In fact, we encourage you to obtain your credit reports for free through the government mandated website: www.AnnualCreditReport.com. This will help you get into a healthy habit of checking your credit reports every year for free.

 Credit Monitoring

Lexington Law does provide credit  monitoring as a part of their Concord Premier service plan.

CreditFirm.net is not a credit monitoring company, we are a credit repair company and focus all of our energy on fixing your credit.

To get FREE credit monitoring, we suggest that you use www.CreditKarma.com or www.CreditSesame.com which will all provide you with the same credit monitoring as Lexington Law, for free.



Lexington Law


Monthly Service Fee



You decide which service is right for you and best fits your needs.


Why Choose CreditFirm.net?

Assurance. Our Credit Repair process was developed by experienced attorneys.

Speed. Documents are typically processed and sent out for investigation within 5 days.

Support. Award winning customer service guarantees your satisfaction.

CreditFirm.net Review


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