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How Much Does Fixing Bad Credit Cost?

September 10, 2013 by  
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price to fix credit

CreditFirm.net offers one all inclusive standard level of service for all of your credit repair needs. We aim to provide the fastest, most efficient credit repair service, without all of the confusion of multi level programs other credit repair companies offer. Our standard service program includes every credit repair strategy that the law provides for only $49.99 per month.

When considering the cost of a credit repair service, you should compare it to the cost of living with average credit. Over the course of a 30 year home loan, a person with poor or even average credit, may end up spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more in interest payments than someone with good credit.

The extra money spent on high interest rates becomes even more exorbitant if you have poor credit; providing you can even get approved for a mortgage or auto loan in the first place.

The benefits of having a good credit score are not limited to helping you buy a home. Just about every lender who offers credit, takes your credit score into consideration during the application process. This means that a better credit score will help you save money on car loans, credit cards, home equity loans, debt consolidation loans as well as mortgages, by lowering the amount of interest you pay for the loan.

But it doesn’t just stop there, many other companies are now using your credit sore. What do we mean? Well, your credit score also determines how much you pay for your insurance premiums, what kind of security deposit you will need to rent an apartment, and even whether or not you qualify for a job.


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