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Real Estate Rental Prices Rising

March 21, 2012 by  
Filed under Blogs, Real Estate

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The following graph shows the LPS home price index measured against the CPI owner’s equivalent rent index. You can see the extreme separation during the madness of the bubble years.  We are now back to the stage we were at in 1995 – 1998 when rent was at a higher point than home prices.  This chart shows that we are much closer to the bottom of the housing market than the top.  Once home prices experience their final push downward they will provide an extremely attractive investment opportunity for those that have the ability to manage single family homes.  If your credit score is stopping you from buying a home, call 800-750-1416. Credit Firm.net has helped thousands of clients improve their credit and qualify for a mortgage.  Call us today and be one step closer to getting your home.

Home price index vs rent

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2 Comments on "Real Estate Rental Prices Rising"

  1. Dragica on Fri, 8th Jun 2012 11:57 AM 

    Lenders are like scared litlte kids they rely on what
    everyone is telling them, and your credit report says it
    all. If you were to lend me $50 and I never paid you back
    will you ever lend me money again? What if I tell all my
    friends will they lend you money? Your credit report
    conveys this information, faster than girls spread cooties.
    If you have negative items, contact the people you owe and
    tell them you are willing to settle on the debt (offer them
    40% of what is owed) create a letter for them to sign off on
    that states you want all negative items removed from your
    credit report and a letter stating that everything was PAID
    IN FULL (not settled, or settled as agreed). Once you settle,
    contest the listings on your credit report with all the credit
    bureaus:Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Then begin to pay
    large amounts toward your active credit cards NEVER spend
    more than 40% of the credit available (if your credit limit
    is $1,000 dont go over $400 on the card). always pay your
    bills on time (not late) then it takes time and you should
    begin to see your credit score rise 35% of your score is
    debt to income (what you have borrow vs what you are allowed
    to borrow)35% is payment history (something you need to get
    cleared up)10% length of credit history (so dont close accounts
    you have paid off)Hope that helps

  2. Arman on Tue, 14th Aug 2012 10:50 AM 


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