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Remove Account in Dispute Comments

August 2, 2013 by  
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account in disputeYou’ve worked hard to fix your credit but, there’s one last thing that you need to do to complete the credit repair process.

You must delete all of those pesky “Account Disputed by Consumer” and “Dispute settled, consumer disagrees” comments from your credit report.

In fact some lenders wont approve a consumer’s loan application if there are any comments about accounts being disputed, no matter the credit score.

So now what do you do?

Lucky for you, we’re here to show you how to remove those dispute comments from your credit reports.

Step 1

Stop disputing accounts in your credit report. This is very important, the credit bureaus typically do not remove the dispute remarks unless no accounts have been disputed for at least 30 days.

Step 2

Call the credit bureaus and ask them to remove the “account disputed by consumer” comments from your credit report. You must call each of the 3 credit reporting agencies individually and give them a list of the accounts which are displaying the comments.

Here is exactly what you tell them, “I need to dispute the compliance condition remarks code of “AID” (Account In Dispute) because I am no longer disputing the account. Please remove the remark from account <<fill in the blank>>.”

Step 3

Call the creditor reporting the Account In Dispute remark and ask them to immediately remove it from your credit reports.

Credit Bureau Phone numbers

Here is the contact information for the credit reporting agencies:

Experian: 714-830-7000

Ask for the Executive Customer Service Team

Equifax: 404-885-8300

Ask for the Executive Consumer Service department.

TransUnion: 312-985-2000

Ask for the Special Handling Department

If you have any trouble with removing these remarks from your credit reports, contact us today. We have helped thousands of our clients delete “Account in Dispute” comments from their credit reports as well as much, much more.


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