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Monday Mailbag 2/11/2019

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How do I check my credit without hurting it?

AnnualCreditReport.com will give you free credit reports but, will not provide you with scores.
[Checking your credit on annualcreditreport.com will NOT impact your credit scores.]

CreditKarma.com will provide you Free Equifax and TransUnion credit reports and credit scores but, the credit scores are completely useless because they are VantageScore v3.0 scores and most lenders use FICO scores. Having said that, Credit Karma is a great place to monitor your credit reports and get alerts when accounts are added/removed from your credit.
[Checking your credit on creditkarma.com will NOT impact your credit scores.]

FreeCreditReport.com will provide you with a free Experian credit report and free monthly monitoring but, will not provide you with any free scores. They will try to sell you a FICO score but, it’s the FICO BankCard Score and only used by credit card companies, not mortgage or auto lenders.

Discover will provide you with a free FICO score but, it will be a FICO credit card (BankCard) score and only from one credit bureau. This score will be different from the FICO scores your mortgage lender or auto lender will get when pulling your credit.
[Checking your credit on discover.com/free-credit-score will NOT impact your credit scores.]

The BEST place to access your credit scores is myFICO.com because you’ll be able to access 28 of the most widely used FICO scores including;

Your FICO Mortgage Scores:
– FICO 8
– FICO 2
– FICO 5
– FICO 4
– FICO 9

Your FICO Auto Scores:
– FICO Auto 8
– FICO Auto 2
– FICO Auto 5
– FICO Auto 4
– FICO Auto 9

Your FICO Credit Card Scores:
– FICO Bankcard 8
– FICO Bankcard 3
– FICO Bankcard 2
– FICO Bankcard 5
– FICO Bankcard 4
– FICO Bankcard 9

There is a fee for these scores but, at least you’ll be able to view the same scores that your lenders will get when they pull your credit reports.

One more thing, checking your credit reports and scores on myFICO.com will not hurt your credit scores. It’s a soft pull and will NOT show up as a hard inquiry in your credit reports.

Ultimately, Credit Karma is a great free way of monitoring your Equifax and TransUnion credit reports for free. Stacked with the free monthly Experian report from FreeCreditReport.com you’ll be able to monitor all 3 of your credit reports for free but, if you’re getting ready to apply for a loan and need to find out your actual FICO scores – you will want to go to myFICO.com and access the same scores that lenders use in 90% of lending decisions.


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