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Fix Your Credit in 3 Easy Steps

Choosing CreditFirm.net to help you improve your credit ensures that you receive the best credit report repair and unsurpassed customer service.

Our credit repair process was developed by some of the best attorneys in America. There are no complex instructions to follow; simply sign up, send us your credit reports, and we do the rest.

Our 3-Step Process

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign Up

Complete our simple online enrollment form or call us at 800-750-1416 and enroll via phone with one of our Credit Repair Consultants who can answer any questions which you may have.

2. Send Us your Credit Report

After enrolling, we ask that you forward a copy of your credit report to us via email, fax, or standard mail. If you require help obtaining your credit report, your Credit Repair Consultant will help you.

3. Credit Repair Process Begins

We work directly with all of your creditors and leverage your consumer rights to remove derogatory accounts from your credit reports. Then, we correspond with the credit bureaus to confirm all appropriate changes. We understand the credit industry – and we know how to use the law to your advantage.

CreditFirm.net uses every legal instrument at our disposal to improve your credit report and increase your credit score.


Why Choose CreditFirm.net?

Assurance. Our Credit Repair process was developed by experienced attorneys.

Speed. Documents are typically processed and sent out for investigation within 5 days.

Support. Award winning customer service guarantees your satisfaction.

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Peace of Mind

Unlike simple, one dimensional credit repair companies, CreditFirm.net understands that every credit report and financial situation is unique. This is why we provide a custom tailored credit repair program to fit your current situation, your needs, and your goals. Our services include:

  • Unlimited Credit Bureau Challenges
  • Unlimited Inquiry Challenges
  • Unlimited Name Variance Challenges
  • Unlimited Address Variance Challenges
  • Unlimited Goodwill Interventions
  • Unlimited Escalated Info Requests
  • Unlimited Debt Validation
  • Unlimited Cease and Desist Requests

No Hidden Fees – Cancel Anytime


Our Promise

Our knowledge of the Credit Industry gives us the understanding to give you significant results in a reasonable amount of time. We promise to focus our every action on increasing your credit scores while delivering exceptional customer service. If you are ready to get started, we are here for you.