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Bad Credit in Today’s Job Market

January 24, 2013 by  
Filed under Blogs, Credit Report

bad credit jobsAs unemployment rises, the job market is becoming more competitive than ever. Every day companies find new ways do distinguish candidates from one another. The credit score, a metric for measuring a consumers creditworthiness, has quickly become one of the most important factors in determining an employee’s qualification for a job.

With an estimated 60 percent of employers using credit checks to screen potential candidates, Americans with bad credit risk being denied employment because of the status of their credit reports.  Several studies have proven that a bad credit score usually shows that an employee is more likely to steal or commit fraud.

Several states have begun passing laws limiting an employers ability to check a candidates credit reports. Unfortunately, employers have several loopholes and workarounds to bypass those laws.

The only way to be sure of getting a fair chance at employment, or even an upper leg in some cases, is to have a good credit score. Your credit report says a lot about you, and you want your potential employer to see you as a stable, responsible, and qualified applicant.

If your credit score is hurting your employment opportunities, enroll in CreditFirm.net’s credit repair service today, and take the first step toward improving your credit and landing a job.

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