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Credit Card Debt Statute of Limitations by State

June 16, 2013 by  
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Statute of limitations for credit card debt

statute of limitations is a type of federal or state law that restricts the time within which legal proceedings may be brought.

It exists to limit the amount of time creditors and debt collectors have to file law suits over unpaid debt.

CreditFirm.net has compiled this table which lists the statutes of limitations of credit card debt for each state. 


Statute of Limitations

Alabama3 Years
Alaska3 Years
Arizona6 Years
Arkansas5 Years
California4 Years
Colorado6 Years
 Connecticut6 Years
 Delaware3 Years
 District of Columbia3 Years
 Florida5 Years
Georgia6 Years
Hawaii6 Years
Idaho5 Years
Illinois5 Years
Indiana6 Years
Iowa10 Years
Kansas3 Years
Kentucky15 Years
Louisiana3 Years
Maine6 Years
Maryland3 Years
Massachusetts6 Years
Michigan6 Years
Minnesota6 Years
Mississippi3 Years
Missouri5 Years
Montana8 Years
 Nebraska4 Years
Nevada4 Years
 New Hampshire3 Years
New Jersey6 Years
New Mexico4 Years
New York6 Years
North Carolina3 Years
North Dakota6 Years
Ohio6 Years
Oklahoma5 Years
Oregon6 Years
Pennsylvania4 Years
Rhode Island10 Years
South Carolina3 Years
South Dakota6 Years
Tennessee6 Years
Texas4 Years
Utah4 Years
 Vermont6 Years
Virginia3 Years
Washington6 Years
West Virginia10 Years
Wisconsin6 Years
Wyoming8 Years


Note: This table shows the statute of limitations on written or open-ended contracts to which credit card agreements comply. State laws are subject to change. This table is current as of June 13, 2013.


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